Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NBA Baller Devin Harris vs....Stuart Tanner?

Okay y'all....for those who didn't know, even though I'm about 4" from legally being a midget, I had some real hoop dreams. I played ball in high-school, and even though I wasn't born with any natural gifts (my height just about negated my OUTLANDISH 35-inch vertical leap), I worked really hard, and was actually pretty good. I still have a HELLA-QUICK first-step; it's the second and third that are far less impressive. Hoop dreams aside, I found this vid of New Jersey Net point guard, Devin Harris, getting schooled by "some random English chap in jeans and a v-neck sweater." Actually, the vid is of of Devin getting hustled, White Men Can't Jump style by Stuart Tanner, an English Skip-to-my-Lou type school-yard legend. Enjoy folks!

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