Friday, October 10, 2008

The High Price of Ignorance

Man...there are folks who are oblivious, and wish to remain so just to justify not wanting to support someone who is smarter than them...or more noble, or quite simply, isn't the same color. These folks, in their blinding support of the demagogue, Sarah Palin, have resorted to FOX noise-esque antics of over-talking and making baseless accusations whenever asked a question w/substance. IF McCain wins this country, then it will have received EXACTLY what it deserves!


b said...

this race is REALLY bringing them out, my friend. i'm half expecting the lynchings to commence.

Kyla said...

Everyone talkin bout they gon move if the Rep's win again. I doubt it. We just gon sit and keep taking it like we been doing!!! Not only will the revolution NOT be televised, IT WON"T HAPPEN!