Wednesday, November 21, 2007

LB Bizness!!!

Man....last night(11/20/07) my favorite Hip Hop group of the moment (and prolly for a very long time), Little Brother, performed at the House of Blues in New Orleans. A couple of my comrades and I anxiously awaited the day that they'd return to the Crescent City b/c of how good "GETBACK" (in stores now!) is, and pretty much b/c I told them how they had all missed out on one of the BEST SHOWS EVAH the first time that Little Brother visited. I told one of my homies that their last show in N.O. was filled with a contagious, feverish energy that spread like a contagion through the crowd b/c the group performed all of their songs with a live band that played with a skillfullness that could only be described as "other-worldly", and was, in my humble opinion, one of the best live acts EVAH. He told me that he didn't doubt that they were good, but how could they compare with other acts he'd witnessed such as Jay-Z, Eminem, and Kanye' which I replied, "A Jay-Z show might cost you $150 per ticket. At that price it had BETTA be good! These cats are giving a show that is at least on par for a tenth of the price at $15." I couldn't wait for him to see for himself!
As Little Brother has a small but loyal following, they didn't use the main room to host the concert; they instead were in a smaller room. Still, it didn't ruin the night. We arrived at practically foaming a the mouth in anticipation, right on time to catch their show. As we approached the venue, we saw Phonte grabbing something from the tour bus, and me, all glassy-eyed at the sight of one of my favorite emcees, embarrassingly oozed, "Hey y'all...that's my people right there! That's Phonte." to which he responded with a quick "wassup" nod, and proceeded onto the bus. We got into the venue, orded drinks, and posted up at the bar. We laughed at this cat that was at the show in his BALLIN-est, 3-piece, pin-striped suit...looking like a fake 50 cent, ackin' like he was ashamed to be with his miniature white Kim Kardashian lookalike. Heck brutha...if you're gonna take a white woman out amongst the people, she should at least look like Kim Kardashian! LOL! Anywho, about 20 min later, the DJ, who, by the by, was spinning some EXCELLENT shit, announced that Little Brother was about to come on. As the liquor overtook me like the urge to go commando overtakes Brittney Spears, I became what I like to call the "anti-cool". You know how some bruthas are really cool wherever they are...looking all stoic in an "I'm too cool to have fun" sort of way? Well...last night that guy I, most certainly, was not! When Little Brother came on stage, I was compelled to hollar like I was a white woman at Mardi Gras is compelled to raise her shirt for beads! And man...playing a mixture of the nearly FLAWLESS album, "GETBACK" (in stores now!) and the classic "The Minstrel Show" (also in stores now!), Little Brother did not dissapoint! Y'all...I was SOOO CRUNKTASTIC that Phonte yelled out, "Hey...mad shout-out to brothers at the bar! Big thangs poppin'! That's real love from real fans right there"! I hate to sound so starstruck, but those fellaz did their thing. They ended their magnificent show, and in a state that I could describe no less than giddy in my inebriation, I copped a GETBACK (in stores now!) shirt, and they hung around to give autographs to fans. As my comrades and I walked back to the car, we all giggled like school-girls at the show's apparent GREAT-NACITY, and I have maintained this high like I was cheifin' w/Snoop...blunt-to-blunt, back-to-back! I can't wait til the bruthas come back. If they come to your town, check em out; you will NOT be disappointed!


jali said...

You sound so excited that I got a little hyped as I read along.

So rarely do I hear anyone rave about a show - I guess I'll have to take a listen for myself.

Hey - send them a link to your post. They should know about their loyal fan base and I'm sure they would appreciate it.

BLESSD1 said...

Y'know what, Jali? I think I'm going to do just that. Thanx for the suggestion, and thanks for the comment!