Friday, April 22, 2011

Skillz - Enjoying the View

Man...I really hate that with all of good music this dude makes, he can't catch no breaks. Still, I'm sure that with all of the ghost-writing checks he's cashed, he aint crying too much. Here...enjoy this.


Nagan said...

nice i ain't heard of the dude b4 but the cat is kinda smooth

blessd1 said...

Nagan...the bad part is that despite your never hearing of dude, you've heard his work as he's a ghostwriter for artists like Will Smith, Timbaland, and Puff Daddy. He's been the go-to-guy of ghostwriting for years. Thanks for checking out my spot.

Nagan said...

np for the checking your comments are always sweet on grand$ site, but yeah don't listen to the radio mainstream here in OZ so i ain't even heard his work via ghost writing. Pity because if he was a breaking artist i would be buying his release on the strength of what i heard