Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson - The King of Pop 1958- 2009

Yesterday was a very trying day for me. I've been a fan of Michael Jackson for as long as I can remember, and the news of his death struck me like an iron-clad fist. I am deeply saddened; it is a pain reminiscent of that which I felt when I lost my brothers. It TRULY angers me that the media has spent the last few years picking one of the greatest entertainers of our generation apart. Many of his problems developed as a result of the attention that they showered him with since he was 5 yrs. old. We praised his talent, but many mocked his condition; a fragile psyche crafted by years in the spotlight, deprived of a chance to ever be a child and have what many of us take for granted, the semblance of a normal life. I won't chide the media for being the ravenous, back-biting harpies that they are any further. I'd like to, instead, post something beautiful that a loved one shared with me, and reflect on the many positive things that this beautiful, misguided soul blessed us with. Rest in peace, brother. Memories of the wonderful things you blessed us with will ring forever in our hearts and minds.

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Anonymous said...

You give me butterflies inside... inside.

RIP Michael