Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chris Brown can MOOOOOOOVE!!!

Okay...having had a brother who was in a "popping crew" when I was growing up, I've seen some folks dance that did some things that I thought were pretty amazing. Heck...I can do the damn-thing a lil, myself (get two drinks in me, and I'm pop-locking and ATTEMPTING backflips...with my fat arse! LOL!). That being said, I think Chris Brown is the only one of these young R&B cats that doesn't make me wanna choke 'em. That's prolly b/c he's the only one I think isn't a romance novel and an ass-whupping away from letting a man aid them in testing their gag-reflex thresholds (sorry Usher and Omarion fans). Anywho, this lil cat GETS OFF in this video. Check it out!

Okay Kobe...I ain't buying this one

Hey folks. I'm cheering for the Lakers to finish off the Spurs in the West Coast finals b/c the Spurs eliminated my beloved Hornets, so yes....I've even cheered for Kobe (those who know me know how painful that is to admit). I think he's an arrogant turd, but an incredible player, and prolly the most talented I've ever seen (though I still won't say he's better than Jordan b/c he's far from accomplishing all that Jordan has). Still, even though I think his ability is something like a phenomenom, he and Nike have taken this a lil too far. I think this stunt was accomplished by using an air assist board like Hollywood stuntmen often do. What do you think?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bullies Beware...

It was recently reported that music industry bully, Suge Knight, got into an altercation with a guy at a night club and got KNOCKED THE FCUK OUT!!! I saw this, and did the robot! Being that I have a RAGING Napoleon complex, and possess a unequivocal love for bullies being pummelled, I was ecstatic about this news, and dare I say....had a single tear of joy form in my left-eye. Every dog has his day, Suge; some even have two, and I'm glad you finally got yours. Of course, Suge's entourage jumped the guy and beat him up, but pictures of Suge's ass being laid out like some cold-cuts on a $5-dollar foot-long have been forever immortalized. Thanks TMZ...I knew you were good for something!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Star Wars: The New Hope?

Hey y'all. I thought this was VERY creative and dare I say...inspirational? Anyway, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!